Mike the Mullet Thing by Eric Donahue


WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS?! Yes, it's true, I made two comics- two days in a row, at that! Surely the sky is falling. I apologize for the convenience, fair gentlesirs of the audience folk people.

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Major News

This just in: Mike the Mullet Thing is back, and awesomer than ever! IT'S TRUE OMGZ

Mike the Mullet Thing is hosted on Keenspace, a hippie organization that Mike would burninate, but one that is kinda cool- I mean, they host comics for free, that rocks!.

Indextemplate design by Ping Teo of The Longest Sojourn.
The 'Berries and Chocolate Indextemplate' is free-use for all Keenspacers, courtesy of the Workshop, although that link doesn't work anymore.

Mike the Mullet Thing and all writing, drawing, rants, pants, robotic laser fish, and nude sketches of him, his buddies, or anyone else featured in the comic strip is [Copyright] 2007 by Eric Donahue. Don't steal it, come on. And why would you? It's not even all that good to begin with!